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eBay FAQ

I paid for my item and shipping internationally. Now the customs officer wants to charge me more money!

Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for the enforcement of international laws, especially when there is no consistancy from one place to the next, or even one day to the next. Duty fees are always a risk when buying across borders. The customs officer on duty that day may decide to single out your item for customs fees.

We do send each item as though we were sending our customers a gift in order to help clear customs faster, but it doesn't always happen that way. Please keep this in mind when making any purchase internationally and look up the laws for your country.

I purchased an item on eBay but now I don't want to pay for it. What is your policy on this?

We understand that sometimes life just happens and you end up not having the money you thought you would. We are happy to resolve these disputes without a strike on your account or a negative feedback but we require a Non Paying Bidder fee of $10 or 10% of the total price, with shipping, whichever is greater as a restocking fee to cover labor, listing fees and the like. We feel this is a fair and reasonable policy. Those who choose not to pay the fee, will receive a strike and a negative so please consider your purchase and finances carefully.

I live in Ohio. Can I pick up my eBay purchase?

Because of the nature of our business we do not offer local pickups for eBay items. We welcome customers to come to the store to browse our showroom but you must make an appointment as we do not have set store hours. Each item is made to order and goes through many steps. In order to do a pickup there would have to be many communications with our customers in order to establish pick up times once the piece is finished. A pick up charge for each item would also have to be set. Because of the logistics involved, we are very firm about our no-pick policy. For inquiries about multiple item purchases, wholesale orders, and large piece pick-ups, please contact us by phone at 937-866-6706 for price quotes and handling fees.

Can I put my purchase outside?

Technically, casting stone statuary should not be placed in an outdoor environment, however, these can go outside. First, you need to apply a few coats of clear paint to seal the piece. Then, pick a spot that is sheltered and out of direct rain and where it will not collect rain. Bringing it in during the winter when moisture could be absorbed and freeze is also a good idea. All of these steps will help to prolong the life of the piece. It will not last as long as a cement sculpture, but the wearing and aging process can be a dynamic compliment to your garden.

My piece is broken or I just don't like it!

Item must be returned within 7 days at buyer's expense and insured in good condition. Please contact us immediately if you are not satisfied or if the item is broken or damaged in shipping. All items are insured against breakage and will not have to be returned, but a picture of the broken item must be sent to us for carrier claims. Broken items will be replaced, not refunded. We refund the purchase price only. Shipping charges are not refunded. Call or email if you have more questions.

How long does it take to ship my item?

All our products are hand crafted in our studio and usually ship within 5 days, but as much of our items are hand made sometimes they can take a bit longer, occasionally up to two weeks, make sure to keep that in mind when you place your bid. If you need the item soon please contact us before you place your bid to find out if we are able to ship it on time. We take care of every e-mail we receive from our customers, but please be patient as we are busy shipping your order and other buyer orders on time. Transit time can take up to 5 days in the US and much longer internationally.

I got my product and I'm not happy for some reason!

If you have any issue with our product we assure you that we will take care of it, but please don't rush with feedback or claims before you contact us. This may result in an even longer process to resolve. The best way to email us is using the link provided by ebay at the auction site, sometimes your regular emails may end up in our spam file for one reason or another.

I want to buy more than one product. Do you combine shipping?

We do combine shipping. Our policy is $3.00 off the shipping cost of every item after the first item. Example:If you buy 4 items you will receive $9.00 off your grand total. Items have to fit in the same box and be paid at the same time. Otherwise,There will be no shipping discount. Large items that ship in a separate box will receive no discount no matter how many you buy. The discount will be taken off the invoice after the end of all your auctions or purchases.

Can you give me a better price on shipping since I am buying more than one item? I know you have a policy already, but I want an even better deal!

Maybe! Email us before you bid with a list of all the items you'd like to buy and we will send you a quote for everything including shipping. We can then send you a paypal invoice for the items and the price we agreed to. The time for negotiating price on bulk orders is BEFORE you buy, not afterwards.

Why is the shipping price so high?

Our Shipping price is not only for shipping cost. It also includes packing and handling fees. Packing material costs are very high for us because we use as much as it takes to get your piece to you safely.  We know how important it is to deliver your item in good condition. We do our best to pack the item well to avoid any damage. Sometimes the shipping cost sounds bit high but from our experience it is better to spend a few more dollars to avoid damage. Please make sure to check the shipping cost before you bid.

We also have an excellent replacement policy in case your item gets broken in shipping. Just send us a picture of the broken item via email and we will handle all paperwork and make & send you a new item at no cost to you.

You charge too much for shipping and I am going to complain to eBay!

We have been eBay sellers since 1999 and our shipping prices and business practices are in alignment with eBay's policies. If you truly feel this way, as a consumer you always have the option to buy from another seller.

Always check shipping cost to your area in addition to your bid price before you place your bid or buy it now. You are signing a contract with the seller to pay them that amount. If you decide after the fact that you don't want to pay the price you agreed to, eBay also has policies in place to protect the seller.

What kind of payments do you take for eBay purchases?

Payment may be made with Certified Check/Money Order, Personal check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or via PAYPAL. Make PAYPAL payment to Payment must be made within 5 days. We will ship only to the lower 48 states. NO P.O. Boxes and NO APO/FPO. Buyers in Alaska,Hawaii,Puerto Rico & other places out of the main U.S. will need to agree to a shipping quote before bidding or buying.

My item does not look like the picture!

If you got the wrong item entirely, please email or call us immediately for a replacement. If the paint job simply looks like it's a different color, please keep in mind that every item is finished by hand by our in-house artisans. There will be differences in color or style at times. The camera, your monitor and the lighting used can also affect what the colors look like.

I am looking at one of your Ancient Egyptian pieces. How old is it? Is it an antique? Do you have paperwork on it?

The items we have are imported from Egypt and we have no information on them save their origin being Egypt and that they are aged.
All information provided in the listing is a result of us researching the specific items to find out when they would have been used. We do not know the actual age nor are we appraisers. Only purchase these pieces if you really like how they look and are not concerned about age or authenticity.

I got my item and the measurements/weight are not accurate.

The measurements are approximate only. If you need an item to be a certain size exactly, please email us before bidding on it. Weights are approximately what the item + packaging will weigh once it is boxed up. This can vary a lot though because of the boxes that are available and the packing materials necessary and also if it is shipped with other pieces.

This FAQ is a work in progress so email or call 937-866-6706 if you have a question that is not answered here.

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